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Quran (The Holy Book)
What is Quran?
Quran is the book of God and contains the direct revelations from Almighty. Quran is the main formulative source of Islam. Quran is also known as, ‘Al-Frqan’, which means to show truth from falsehood and right from wrong.

It is a book in Arabic language revealed upon the last Prophet (PBUH) from the Allah through his angel Hazrat Gibraeel (A.S). The fundamental admission of a Muslim is to bow to all the commandments of Allah and life in thereafter.

Allah has blessed human beings with the divine revelation and ordained rules of conduct for guidance of their lives through it. Holy Quran itself challenges, “If mankind and jinn gather in order to produce the like of this Quran,

they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other the assistant.” Further states, “if you have any doubt in its (Quran’s) truth, then try to make only one verse like that.”

Revelation: Quran teacher for kids

Quran was revealed in about 23 years. This revelation was sometimes at once and sometimes gradual including manifest as well as internal. The Mecca period contains short suras,

which are generally addressed to all human beings and contain basics of Islam. The Madni period contains lond suras, address is Muslims and they formulate rues about Islamic provisions.

Manifast Revelation: Learn Quran for kids

It consisted of communications which were made by the angel Gibraeel (A.S) under the directions of Allah:
In the very words of Allah
By hints
Of such knowledge as occurred in the mind of Prophet (PBUH) through inspirations

Internal Revelation: Female Quran Teachers for kids

It consist of the opinions of the Prophet (PBUH) embodied in the form of ratiocination and delivered from time to time on questions that happened to be raised before him (PBUH), known as, ‘Ahadees’.
The formation of revelation and codifications gives rise to the ‘formation of Quran’.

Stages of compilation:

During the lifetime of Prophet (PBUH), He (PBUH) did not approve writing of the verses and the compilation took place much later. However for ease we can classify the codification into these stages:
In the era of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

In the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A), where one official volume was started to be made without any dispute.
In the era of Hazrat Usman (R.A) when official completion of Holy Quran approved.

Quran— A Miracle:

When the maccans challenged the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to perform a miracle as a proof of His (PBUH) ‘divine mission’ the Holy Prophet (PBUH) appealed boldly and confidently to the book, which was taking shape under His (PBUH) pious supervision. The book was in Arabic and is a miracle is a miracles.

Purpose of Quran:

The main purpose of Holy Quran is to lay down a way of life which regulates the relationship of man with man, and with God. Quran says
“And we have shown him two ways (right and wrong)…..”
Quran is a code of conduct laying down the fundamental principles and not the detailed provisions and duties. It is a manual of humans. It is for all the matters and for everybody. As Holy Quran presents the solution of all matters, but only for those who have requisite intellect, as Holy Quran states,

“But none will grasp the message except the men of intellect”, and “And it is a book, which is dominant”
The rules contained in Quran are also elaborative and expressed in a way that humans can take guidance in every aspect of their lives.

Family is the basic unit of any society and Quran gave detailed rules regarding marriage, dower, divorce, maintenance and alike. There are also elaborated and detailed orders regarding prayers and devotions in Quran. The Quran itself does not lay down various degree of permissibility or prohibitions.

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The Quran is divided into different suras or chapters; each having a separate designation is composed of Aayat or verses. Most of the verses which embody rules of Islam were revealed to settle questions that actually arose for decision e.g.
Some in order to repeal objectionable customs like female infanticide, gambling, unlimited polygamy and drinking to name a few
Some for effecting social reforms like raising status of women, settling the question of inheritance on equitable bases, providing protection to minor and old etc.

Some lay down the principles of punishment for the purpose of securing peace and order in the society like hudood, qisas and diyat
Some regarding international affairs like treaty and war
Some regarding family matters including marriage, dower and divorce etc
Some describe prayers and devotions
Allah Almighty said: “We have revealed this book and no doubt We are its protectors”

Functions of Meccan & Madni Suras:

The type of guidance which the Musims needed at Madina was not the same as they had needed in Mecca. That is why; the Madni suras differ in character from those revealed in Mecca.

The Meccan suras are smaller in size and generally deal with basic beliefs of Islam. They provide guidance to an individual soul. On the other hand, Madni suras have laws relating to civil, criminal, social and political problems of a society.

They provide guidance to a social and political community. Whereas, of Madni suras is easily understandable.

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As Quran is the only revealed book of God, which is saved in its original position. Not only its meanings but also its compilation and words have been spoken by the God. Its protection is the responsibility of God Himself.

It tells the stories in a way that one can learn from them to lead a pious and prosperous life, it elaborates detailed rules for anybody who belongs to any profession in this world. At the same time there is no rigidity in it.

It is so beautifully drafted that it can be interpreted and applied in every set of problems and scenarios arising out in any era, any state or is in short adaptable.

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