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Learn Quran With Tajweed Classes After having an overview about the Quran and Arabic language, it is sensible now to know about Tajweed and its importance. Meaning of Tajweed Tajwīd (Arabic: تجويد taǧwīd is an Arabic word for elocution, derived from the root ǧ-w-d (دَوَّجَ ) It refers to the rules that govern pronunciation of […]

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Read Quran Online – Reading Quran Online

Read Quran Online program has been established for all those who are interested in Quran learning. This program is especially beneficial for those Muslim brothers and sisters who are living in non Muslim states. They can Read Quran Online now while staying at the pace 0f their home without any trouble and difficulty This Read […]

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Online Quran Classes For Kids

Our Online Quran Academy provides Islamic studies for kids where we provide them with the Islamic knowledge that they need to prosper in their lives. Our tutors provide the kids with the Islamic principles and believes that they need to be a better Muslim. Our Online Quran Classes for kids on the Islamic Studies are […]

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