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Learn Quran Online Classes with Excellent Quran Tutors

Learn Quran Online Classes with Excellent Quran Tutors

 Online Quran Classes . The importance of seeking knowledge or striving in the way of its increase is concerned, Allah Almighty commanded Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to pray for its increase, in the following way in Quran:
“And say: ‘My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” (20:114)

From this ayah it is obvious that Allah Almighty encouraged Prophet (PBUH) to pray for increase in knowledge. A Muslim must try to understand that Muhammad (PBUH) was a Prophet and the most knowledgeable person there could ever be, if Allah is asking Him for praying for increase in knowledge,

Learn Quran For Kids .then the Muslims at present who have such little knowledge should never cease the quest for seeking more knowledge. Hence, there is no stop to learning and seeking of knowledge whether religious or scientific in Islam.

Pertaining to the reward associated with the process of learning and seeking knowledge, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in a hadith:

“Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him.” (Bukhari)

This hadith shows that in addition to the satiation of the spirit of knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge also comes with the pavement to the Paradise. Now this hadith can be interpreted in two ways.

The first of which is the obvious that those who seek knowledge are blessed by Allah Almighty. The second way in which this hadith could be seen is the fact that when a person strives on the way of seeking knowledge and is true to the cause,

Quran reading with tajweed . he or she then gets to know the reality of things, and when one is able to understand the reality of things then he or she is able to differentiate between the right and wrong and the acting upon the former is what leads to paradise.

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Usmania Quran Academy staff choice techniques include foundation and reference checks of each included.! It is our obligation, and we consider it important. Thus, our showing staff incorporates deliberately screened and exceedingly qualified Qaris and Hafiz-e-Quran tutors.

All the progress that we witness in the world today has become possible because of a single human innate quality – learning. All the development, technology, social awareness,

relationship building and management all have become possible because of us learning from experiences and observation. If this element were to be taken out of human history, then we would still be living in stone age.

The science of today is nothing else then observation. The scientists first observe a problem and then on the bases of experimentation followed by further observation reach to a particular solution. Thus, observation is science and science is a pivotal component of the whole learning process.

Islam is a great proponent of learning and stresses greatly on the importance of learning. Islam wants its followers to get knowledge about things that Allah has created and bestowed so that they are better able to acknowledge His blessings.

The lines below discuss the ways in which Islam encourages learning, observation and science.

Once employed, the administration ceaselessly screens their execution and conduct. If you desire to learn Quran via skype with the best possible Tajweed and Tarteel yourself, or learn Quran to kids and are constrained because of not having the ability to contact an equipped educator,

or because you cannot have the time or access to make regular visits to the nearby mosque at designated times, usmania Quran Academy is here to offer assistance with Quran teacher on skype utilizing innovation, we bring the classroom to your family room,

learn quran with tajweed

empowering you to closely watch and examine and be pleased about of Quality of teaching conveyed to your kids.
This provision of the ability to learn and seek knowledge is from Allah Almighty regarding which He says in Quran in the following way:

“And Allah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allah).” (16:78)

This ayah gives the reason behind the provision of senses by Allah Almighty. The purpose behind why Allah gave us sight, heart and hearing is that we should utilize it in the way of learning and get knowledge about whatever is around us.

When a believer utilizes all these senses for the purpose of learning and seeking knowledge,

then he or she ultimately reaches the conclusion that the blessings of Allah Almighty are endless and that we need to be grateful for each and every one of them with every breath of ours.
Etiquettes of Learning:

There have been different theorists throughout history who have spoken about different ways of learning. Some of those ways of learning are void of any code of conduct.

Islam is a religion that strictly follows the code of conduct, therefore, Muslims scholars have given six etiquettes of learning.

Female Quran Teacher For Female Students

Asking Question – The process of learning starts with asking question. A Muslim is to ask questions because if the questions are not asked then things will go on in the same unexplained manner making progress impossible. However, the one thing to remember while asking question is good manner.

online quran teacher female . When questions are asked in the manner of politeness and with sincerity, there importance supersedes the questions asked in a rude or condescending manner which halts in learning.

Listening Attentively – Most of the times it happens is that when a person asks question afterwards he or she does not remain quite, which prevents the answers from reaching the heart and mind of the person. Therefore, after asking the right question it is more than imperative to keep quiet and listen to the answer attentively.

Try To Understand – Most of the times it happens that the answer goes over the head, this does not mean that there is something wrong with the answer, rather what it means is that one has not understood it properly. Therefore, sufficient time needs to be given to understanding as well.

Memorizing – Once one has received an answer to some question, one should hold on to it and try to memorize the answer so that when such a situation or the same problem is faced in the future, one could recall the memory and get the answer for that issue.

Teaching And Practice – After the question is answered and the answer properly understood, a seeker of knowledge then needs to further impart that knowledge to others.

The confinement of knowledge to one’s own is selfish and it stops the process of learning. Moreover, other than teaching the other important thing is to act upon what is learnt as acting stands as the best form of teaching, therefore, the answer needs to be implemented in the form of acting upon it as well.


In short, Islam is a great proponent of learning and encourages all those who go on the path of learning. Islam understands that any kind of knowledge whether religious or scientific that is beneficial for mankind needs to be adopted and learned. It is only on the bases of knowledge that humans could become more advanced and civilized.

Usmania Quran Academy provides you Afforadable and convenient Quran classes on skype and Quran recitation online has presented a shiny new size for comprehension this sacred book.

It is not only the way that it’s conceivable to arrange the perusing as stated by your own particular time, yet it has further more made receptiveness have most competent Quran teacher on skype in the solace of your home.

Muslim Parents are discovering usefully and of administration organizations to take in Quran online skype in spots. These online Quran teaching on Skype services has been getting to be more prevalent in all regions current time.

Usmania Quran Academy provides you one of the best teachers with low fee ..because our aim is to provide Quran education for everyone without any discrimination.

For further details regarding the courses offered and their outlines, please visit official page of usmania Quran Academy

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