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Learn Quran online via Skype what lessons does  we seeks from Quran? Our Online Quran Academy provides the online Quran learning program and also provide Islamic courses. We provide these services since many years. ALHAMDOLILLAH .

we are located online in all over the world What virtues we learn from our religious book? Forgiveness, As a virtue, forgiveness is much celebrated in Islam, and is regarded as an important Muslim practice, inspired by both the Quran and the Sunnah.

The issue of forgiveness can take on two different forms: God’s forgiveness for human beings for their sins, and forgiveness among fellow human beings for each other.

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In the first instance, human beings have been asked to seek God’s forgiveness for their sins, and they have been promised God’s mercy and forgiveness. In the second instance, human beings have been encouraged to practice the act of forgiveness among themselves.

To forgive a person who has done moral offense, and not to be cruel to him is seen as a noble virtue. In Islamic theology, the act of forgiveness is not meant to deny or underplay the moral injury suffered by the victim; rather it involves a positive change in mentality toward the offender.

Thus, an act of forgiveness means rising above one’s self-interest or narrow-mindedness, and achieving nobler quality of heart. Those who practice the act of forgiveness have been promised reward by God.

In a frequently quoted hadith, Muhammad is reported as saying: ‘the best deeds before God are to pardon a person who has wronged you, to show affection for relatives who have broken ties with you, and to act generously towards a person who has deprived you.

Learn Quran classes with us and feel the difference between others and us. Honesty, In Islam, honesty implies maintaining sincerity and truthfulness in all actions, interactions, and transactions, and the issue of honesty touches almost all aspects of human life.

Our Online Quran Academy is the best institutes in the world. Here, honesty serves as a umbrella term having some basic components like speaking truth; fulfilling commitments, whether written or verbal; remaining truthful to one’s word;

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rendering the assigned duty sincerely and as meticulously as possible; imparting everyone’s due rights without the person’s asking for it; being objective in evaluating any case and giving judgments; avoiding falsehood, deception, and favoritism.

We have plenty of experience males(Qari, Hafiz, Alim) and females ( Qaria, Hafiza, Alima) staff. Our Online Quran Academy staff will try their best in the field of Quran. Only experienced staff is available in our online Quran academy.

Selection and promotion of personnel in an organization based on merit and not on favoritism is also a part of honesty. Learn online Quran learning with us. As Islam is a God-centered religion, honesty demands that it be maintained not only in public but also in private, not only when supervised but also when not supervised.

Honesty has particularly been emphasized in business transactions, not only in selling and buying but in issues like pricing and advertising policies.

Correct measurement is to be maintained. Again, Muhammad has instructed that the sellers should put the commodities of poorer quality in clear display so that the customers are not deceived.

Hiking the price to gain more profit or lowering the price to put the competitors at trouble are considered unethical. Similarly, exaggerated claims and suppression of unfavorable information in advertising are discouraged.  Honesty is regarded by Muslim scholars as one of the five essential qualities for any Muslim accountants.

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skype Quran classes are designed for students for online learning purposes. Our teachers have the blunder of qualities like good communication skills, understanding and patience. Learn Quran online with us.

Kindness and leniency , The Quran and the hadith describe God as being kind and merciful to His creatures, and tell people to be kind likewise. Among the 99 Names of God in Islam, the most common and famous are “the Compassionate” (al-raḥman) and “the Merciful” The Quran says, “Verily,

Allah is kind and merciful to the people” Numerous sayings of Muhammad tell the Muslims to be kind and merciful to the creatures of God. In Sahih Bukhari, it is said “He who is not merciful to others, will not be treated mercifully (by Goduslim, Muhammad said, “Verily, Allah is mild and is fond of mildness, and He gives to the mild what He does not give to the harsh. He also said, “

He who is deprived of kindness is in fact deprived of goodness (Sahih Muslim,) learn Quran online. Now you are learning quran all Muhammad has been described as being kind and compassionate to people and animals.

Learn Quran Skype classes. Biographies of Muhammad record incidences showing his kindness and leniency to others. Once, a man came to him and said that he had committed a certain sin. As reparation for his sin, Muhammad asked the man if he could free a slave upon which the man expressed his inability.

Muhammad asked him if he could fast for two months upon which the man replied in the negative. Muhammad asked him again if he could feed sixty poor men upon which the man replied that he was even unable to do that. In the meantime, a bag of dates was brought there as gift for Muhammad.

Muhammad gave the bag of dates to the man and told him to distribute the dates among the poor as reparation.

The man passionately said “who is poorer than me in Medina?” Hearing this, Muhammad smiled and told the man to distribute the dates among his own family members.

Learn Quran, Quran classes with a popular online Quran Academy. Named the Usmania Quran Academy. Kind treatment to animals,

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Islam has prescribed kind treatment not only to humans but also to animals. Muhammad was probably the first in history to talk about the rights and proper treatment of animals. Kind and humane treatment earn virtue, and can even be a means of salvation.

Similarly, cruelty towards animals can lead to punishment by God. Islamic tradition narrates the story of a man who got salvation for showing mercy to a thirsty dog. On one occasion, the man saw a dog which was about to die because of extreme thirst. He realized its plight, went down into a well,

brought some water for the dog, and saved its life. God became pleased with him and pardoned all his previous sins (Sahih al Bukhari) It also narrates the story of a woman who locked up a cat. She neither fed the cat nor Patience.

The issue of patience is of special interest in Islam. Islamic tradition holds that God has made this world a testing ground for mankind, especially for the believers, and that the sincerity and strength of their faith will be judged through various trials.

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Patience is one of the moral qualities which Islamic sharia considers necessary for a Muslim in order to keep away from evil doings, and in a broader sense, to protect his faith. This is because Islamic holy scriptures say that believers will be tested with various adversaries in their life, and only those who can prove their faith and can remain grateful to God despite those adversaries will earn His blessings.

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 In Islamic theology, the solution to any crisis in a Muslim’s life lies in two things: prayer and patience (Quran) and Muslims have been asked to seek God’s help through these two things.t it free to feed for itself. For her cruelty, she was punished by God.

The early rulers in Islamic world used to instruct people in behaving properly to the animals . a female Quran teacher seldom understands that the moral grooming of his students will be taught through the Holy Quran.

The students are depending on him, to teach them about Islam and its principles in a way the students adopt it in their daily lives.

Our female Quran tutors are well experienced and trained, they know how to tackle all kinds of students.

Learn Quran with female Quran teacher . learn online Quran with Tajweed via skype. We deliver our services on Skype. We deliver one week free trial classes. Please contact us for further details.


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