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Learn Quran With Tajweed Classes

After having an overview about the Quran and Arabic language, it is sensible now to know about
Tajweed and its importance. 
Meaning of Tajweed Tajwīd (Arabic: تجويد taǧwīd  is an Arabic word for elocution, derived from 
the root ǧ-w-d (دَوَّجَ )
It refers to the rules that govern pronunciation of letters when reciting the Quran. In 
linguistic Tajweed means proficiency or make something well or better Learn Quran with tajweed
Applying tajweed to Quran means articulate every letter from its articulation point and 
give it its right and dues of characteristics. The rights of a letter are those 
characteristics that never leave it (i.e. the letter has these characteristics in all 
situations). The dues of a letter are the characteristics that are present in some situation 
but not in other. Learn Quran with tajweed. 

situation (About Tajweed) Rules
To explain the meaning of Tajweed in simpler and clearer language, Tajweed rules are specific 
for Quranic text which is revealed in Arabic. It is about the pronunciation of letters, 
so reciting the Quran is different than reciting other Arabic texts. Tajweed has a relation 
with prosody and articulation. Letters of Quran may be pronounced differently depending on 
the linguistic context, as tajweed rules need to be applied when specified letters encountered.
 This means reciter need to consider letters in each side of the letter in order to pronounce 
it correctly, as Tajweed rules may involve changing the letter’s sound duration, stress or
 even adding special sound to the usual sound of the letter. In brief, it is the science of 
how to pronounce sequences of letters or a single letter taking into account coarticulation 
rules which modify the pronunciation of combinations of letters in the linguistic context
Learn Quran with tajweed With Female Quran Academy

Tajweed refers to the rules that govern pronunciation of letters when reciting the Quran and 
it is only applied to the Quranic text. Though the rules affect the pronunciation, they cannot
 be represented using the language letters and simples.
Learn Quran with tajweed is an essential step. The language of our dear prophet Hazrat Muhammad 
(PBUH) was Arabic and Koran was also revealed in that language. The same language will be 
 in heaven. It is very important to remember that for the recitation of Quran, it is very 
ant that every words voice is different in Arabic If it is not right then the meaning changes. 
Each word is called TAJWEED to pay in the right sound. Learn Quran with tajweed with us. The
 Quran is the holy book for Muslims and the word Quran is an infinitive noun of the Arabic root
 qara’a  meaning collecting things together and reading or reciting. It is considered as a
 collection of religious teachings that guide humanity and it is the Muslims’ book that should
 be recited. In fact, the Quran is the most widely read book all around the world . The Quran
 was revealed in parts from God by the Angel to Prophet Muhammad. So, the Quranic words are the
 words of God, and the Quran is sacred to Muslims and treated with upmost respect . 
History of Quranic words, Learn Quran with Tajweed 
The Arabic Quranic text avilable today is the same text revealed since 609 CE  The Quranic text
 has not changed from the time of the prophet life until now, and no one has the authority to 
change or alter the Quranic words. So, all Muslims agree on one single Arabic text to be Quran 
revealed . Learn Quran with tajweed and able to read Quran with accuracy. 
This is an added responsibility to the programmer when processing the Quranic text, as 
 should be maintained to the highest level . learn Quran with tajweed.While the text of the
Quran hasn’t changed over time, the look of Quran copies has altered significantly. In the
 of the prophet, Quran was written without vocalisation marks. Then, vocalisation was added 
and after that dots were also included. Now even Tajweed rules are very important. All this is
 to help people recite correctly and fluently. Learn Quran with tajweed

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