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Online Quran Classes for kids

Our Online Quran Academy brings you the facility of learning the Holy Quran at home. There are tutors in our Online Quran Academy who are the best when it comes to Quran recitation. They are well versed in the recitation of the Holy Quran and are able to transfer their knowledge of the Holy Quran to their respective students.

In our Online Quran Academy, we have the best female Quran reciters who will help you learn how to recite the Holy Quran within a couple of classes. Our female Quran reciters mostly have degrees in Islamic knowledge, they aware of the rules and regulations that are required for you to know in order to master your learning of the Holy Quran. In our Online Quran Academy, we are aware that the Holy Quran is the most important treasure of all the Muslims. We have a highly vigilant staff who is ready to make sure that all the Muslims, in any corner of the world, are going to study the Holy Quran. The study of the Holy Quran is a very important duty that is assigned to us. It is our sole duty given to us by our religion as an avid Muslim. To fulfill, this very important duty, all the Muslims can take the assistance of our Online Quran Academy.

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The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said, “Whoever recites the Qur’an secures knowledge of prophethood within his ribs [bosom], though Divine Revelation is not sent upon him. It does not befit one endowed with the Qur’an that he should be indignant with those in anger, nor should he indulge in any act of ignorance with those who are ignorant, while the Speech of Allah is there in his chest.”

There are some important points that candidates must be aware of when reciting the Holy Quran. The procedure of reciting the Holy Quran will be highlighted by our tutors during the classes. They will help all the students know the reasons why it is important to follow all the points and what is the relevance of these points.

Important Points to Know When Reciting the Holy Quran

The first and the most important key point to follow before and during the recitation of the Holy Quran is the task of performing Wudu. All the Muslims should make sure that the place in which they are about to recite the Holy Quran is clean and pure. The environment should be clean as the Holy Quran is our noble book which needs to be respected.

Moreover, the next important step which must be noted before reciting the Holy Quran is the way the reciter is sitting. The manner of sitting must be respectable. It should be made sure that the reciter is not wearing shoes and all the recitation and reading of the Holy Quran is carried out in this manner.

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The place in which the candidate is placing the Holy Quran must also be clean. It is ideal if the Holy Quran is placed on a pillow or on a Quran back. This will help give height to the Holy Quran, as it is recommended to keep the Holy Quran at a height to avoid it from falling or coming close to the sight of feet.

The Holy Quran must be held with the right hand. The finger which is used to place under the line must also be from the right hand. This should be followed with care and devotion to gain maximum blessings from Allah.

The recitation of the Holy Quran must not be rushed. Candidates reading the Holy Quran must read it at moderate speed keeping in mind that the pace of the Holy Quran recitation must be slow and steady.

The Muslims reading the Holy Quran must also make sure that the recitation of the Holy Quran is carried out with respect and care. Muslims must not have anything around them to distract them, that is causing them trouble. The Holy Quran must be read with care and full attention. Muslims must not talk during the recitation of the Holy Quran.

The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said, “If anyone prays at night reciting regularly ten verses, he will not be recorded among the negligent [ghafileen]; if anyone prays at night and recites a hundred verses, he will be recorded among those who are devout [qaniteen] to Allah; and if anyone prays at night reciting one thousand verses, he will be receive an immeasurable amount of reward.”

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