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Quran Translation Classes Online

Translation means  text changes into other language.

The holy book Quran revealed upon prophet MUHAMMAD(PBUH).Revelation of Quran was not immediately.It was a step by step process which consist  about 23 years.

Muslims believe that Quran was revealed through angel Gabriel.The language of Quran is Arabic.Quran is easy to recite but this is not possible for everyone to understand.

Why everybody cannot understand it?because everybody is not familiar with arabic language that is called the original text of Quran.



Confession of Quran was in arabic language.Quran is not only for muslims but also for all humans.Certainly everybody cannot understand it in its original text which is arabic.

So for those who wants to understand the SCRIPTURE of ISLAM.It is mandatory for them to learn the arabic language or to read the translation of Quran.

This is the 21st century in which non muslims wants to know more about islam.So what to do?

Non muslims need Quran translation as well as QURAN teachers.

so in the era of technology where technology has been much advanced and changed the world into global village.our academy is working with the enhanced technology.we have competent teachers.

who will serve you according to your time management.

Who can get benefit from Quran translation?

Quran is for all not for specific people.whoever is reluctant to observe the knowledge of Quran if he knows arabic language then this not problematic for him to understand the Quran.

But that person who doesn’t have familiarity with arabic language have to gain knowledge of arabic language or to read Quran translations in which learner has proficiency.

Quran Translations issues

According to islamic theology translation of THE HOLY BOOK always been a hard is due to, muslims respects the Quran as miraculous.

They says as argument that quranic text should not be separated from its original text to another language without original arabic text.

ISLAMIC THEOLOGY says revelation of QURAN specifically in arabic that’s why it should be recited in ARABIC. Interpretations of Quran into different languages are undoubtedly the task of humans.QURANIC translations is not an easy task.

According to some native arab speakers that ,some Quranic passages are difficult to understand even in the real arabic script.This happens in the matter of language that a single word has a different meanings ,

same case is with the arabic language a single word has its different meanings.There is always involve human intelligence in translations.

  •  Less reliance on traditions unless their authority is beyond doubt
  • Generate reliance on Qiyas
  •  A little extension of the scope of Ijma, and
  • Evolving the doctrine of Istehsan
  • Shahdah ( belief in the oneness of ALLAH and that prophet Mohammad ( P.B.U.H) is the last
  • prophet of Allah )
  • Namaz or salat
  • Namaz or salat
  • Saum or fasting
  • Saum or fasting
  • Zakat
  • Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca

Translation is helping the people to understand the Quran

Is translation is helping the people to understand the Quran?Then its answer is yes,translation is the source to understand the QURAN.There are different people in all over the world whom mother tongue is different.For example,

if there is a non muslim who wants to study Quran but he cannot recite and understand the HOLY QURAN then surely this is necessary for him to study the Quran with translation.

Translation can be in english or in any other language  in which he could understand the Quran.To spread the message of ALLAH translation is playing a remarkable role.

Online Quran translation institute

Those people who are facing difficulty in understanding the Quran.Now there is no problem for them to study the QURAN.

We are offering special Quran translation course for them.Come and joins us we will educate you in a better way.We have male and female teachers for your convenient.

Quran has been translated into many languages

Now the Quran has been translated into many languages.selected verses of Quran has been translated into 114 language and the complete translations of Quran is available in 47 languages.commonly in pakistan we saw more quranic translations in urdu.



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