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How to Memorize the Holy Quran Classes Quran Memorization at home is easy now.

Learn Quran Memorization possible Online On Skype Account At Home?

Quran Memorization at home is easy now. Alhamdulillah we all are Muslims and Allah created us in the Muslim’s home. He sent the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to us for telling the way which goes to the jannah. Basically Quran Memorization is a spiritual and physical project. This course is made easy Online. We have designed a beautiful and affordable course of  Online Quran Memorization for Kids.icon

Quran Memorization Course:

This course is one of the ways where students can memorize the whole Quran by heart. Your status in this life will be raised. We have a good experience of helping student to memorize Quran online. We provide our best services in memorizing the Holy Quran at home through internet. It’s not difficult to memorize the Quran at home because we know how a student goes verse by verse and gradually leads to the final destination. we have both male and female Quran tutors available.

We have the method to memorize the Quran online.

  1. New lesson (every day)
  2. Newly memorized portion (Sabaqi)
  3. This is the amount of verses of the holy Quran you have memorized in last seven days. This is the most important part of Lesson.
  4. Old memorization portion
  5. This is the all of that portion which you have memorized before and become old lesson of memorization of Quran.


This course is taught just to those students who are able to recite the Quran properly with Tajweed.

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