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Reciting the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation is called Tajweed ul Quran.mzi-pkemhjrjTajweed ul Quran Course is designed for those students who have already learnt how to read Quran Kareem but don’t know its proper pronunciation.

In Arabic language each word has its own pronunciation and if you are not an Arab then you have to learn it.
The Tajweed ul Quran is all about learning and practicing the proper pronunciation of read Quran.Reciting the Holy Quran is an art, each word has its own way to pronounce. Normally it takes 2-3 months for a student to learn and practice Tajwid ul Quran rules, so Usmania Quran Academy  has specially designed a short program for students who want to learn and practice reciting Quran like Qari’s do.

How we teach Tajweed ul Quran

We use special booklet for teaching Tajweed ul Quran. This small booklet is a collection of all Tajweed ul Quran rules.

With the grace of Allah, our teachers have great skills of teaching Tajweed ul Quran. They also practice Tajweed on regular bases. Most of our teachers have been teaching Quran and Tajwid ul Quran for more than 5 years.

We teach Tajweed and all other programs on one-to-one bases. One-to-one means only one student at one time. There will be no other student with you on your time which benefits students a lot. Teacher remains fully focused on only one student instead of many. So the teacher can better help and point out your weakness.