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Umrah is the arabic word and this is the name of muslims ibadah(worship).Umrah is the pilgrimage of muslims and to perform it muslim have to travel makkah tul mukarramah which is located in saudi arabia.Umrah can be performed at any time in life.The Time of performing umrah is not specific with any time or month.On The contrary Hajj is also the worship of muslims like Umrah.Some rituals of umrah and hajj similar with each other and some are different.Hajj is the obligatory worship of muslims ands umrah is the nafli worship of muslims.Hajj Dates are linked with Islamic lunar calendar.According to the Islamic religion umrah means to perform tawaf around the kaaba and sa’i between safa and marwa.Both are performed in a sacred state.Ehram must be observed in the state of umrah.Those Who are traveling by air they have specific perimeter  to observe ihram.Umrah is also known with the name of” minor pilgrimage” and the hajj is known with the name of “ major pilgrimage”Hajj is compulsory for every muslim.But for those who can afford it.On the contrary umrah is not compulsory but recommended.


1_Umrah and hajj both are muslims worships but the big difference between them is the level of significance and the way of observance.

2_Hajj dates are associated with the islamic lunar calendar however umrah can be performed at any time in your life.

3_Hajj included in the five pillars of islam and hajj is obligatory for those who can bear financially.

4_Hajj take some time to perform including some islamic rituals on the other hand umrah can be performed in hours.


This depends upon the pilgrim wish whether he wants to perform umrah with hajj then this is regard one of enjoyment and called with the name of umra al-tamattu and is a part of hajj-al tamattu.The rituals of umrah should be performed first and then hajj rituals will be performed.


The pilgrims to performs some rituals to complete his nafli worship umrah.These rituals are the symbol of Hazrat Ibrahim(AS) lives and his wife.Umrah also plays the role of muslim solidarity .

Rituals of umrah are mentioned below.


Tawaf is the arabic word.Tawaf means circulation around the kaaba seven times and the tawaf direction consist an anticlockwise.


Sa”ii is also an arabic word which means walking speedly seven times between the safa and marwa.These Are the names of hills.


Halq is name of cutting of hair.Women will cut one inch of her hair or  above it and to perform this ritual en will do complete shave of his head.The cutting of hair should be perform at the end of umrah.The umrah recommend time is before hajj ,during the hajj and after the hajj


Before wearing the ihram cleanliness is necessary and taking good care about your personal hygiene that consist upon the cutting of your nails and cleanliness of yourbody.You should take ghusl and if anybody cannot to ghusl then doing ghusl will be sufficient.

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