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Islam is the name of Peace and Love. Without Love, there is no existence of Islam and its guidelines. Islam gives us message to love everyone, not only your relatives or family members but to Love those who have know one to be love.
For this purpose, Islam introduced the many ways to live with peace and loving each other.


Pillars of Islam and Love

Islam stands on 5 pillars that are :

  1. Tuheed

  2. Namaz

  3. Roza

  4. Zakat

  5. Hajj

And ZAKAT,the forth pillar of Islam, is the one way of Loving everyone.

What is Zakat?

The meaning of zakat is:

  • To clean
  • Purification
  • To remove impediments and help growth and development

In Islam, zakat is a fix portion of one’s wealth that must be given to the poor yearly. Zakat is obligatory for all those who are financially stable.
Zakat implies to purify. This refers to purify soul and wealth of the Muslims. Purification of wealtth implies assets moblization with an aim of ensuring, justified and distribution of wealth. Soul purification means freedom from jealousy, hatred, uneasiness, selfishness and greed.Zakat has a deep spiritual significance as well as an economic objective.

Importance of Zakat in Islam and Society

It spreads the wind of Love in society. Giving Zakat purifies the heart of the one who gives from selfishness and greed for wealth, and develops in him sympathy for the poor and needy.  For those who receive the Zakat, it purifies the heart from envy and hatred of the rich and prosperous, and fosters a sense of good will between brothers.

Zakat is not like TAX

Zakat is not a tax fixed by a government nor is it a voluntary contribution to a charity.  It is a command enjoined upon the Muslims by Allah and as such it is a form of worship in a Love of Allah .  In fact it is worship of such a high and commendable standard that in the Quran it is frequently coupled with prayer.  Prayer is an act of worship through words and action while Zakat is an act of worship involving wealth.

“Lo! Those who believe and do good deeds and establish salat and pay zakat, their reward is with their Sustainer; and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.” (Quran 2:277)

“These are verses of the Book full of wisdom, a guide and mercy to the doers of good -those who establish salat and pay zakat and have the assurance of the Hereafter.” (Quran 31:4)

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